2015. augusztus 5., szerda

The Olive Tree Will Always Be Here

Honouring the ancient tradition of extracting the precious oil from the olive tree's fruit, Greek food brand GAEA specialises in producing and exporting fine olive oil and related products. By establishing exclusive collaborations with farmers and producers, GAEA ensures for some of the finest olive oil that Greek olive groves can offer. A captivating visual journey that conveys these and more interesting facts about the culture of olive oil farming, together with a truly heartfelt story about an old man from Crete who literally spent his entire life amongst the olive trees, are part of a short film produced by Indigo View for GAEA which celebrates the values and tradition surrounding the olive trees and the people who take care of them on Crete.
 Short Film Credits
Theo Papadoulakis
Screenplay: Panagiotis Papoutsakis
DoP: Kostas Nikolopoulos

Production Manager: Dimitris Xenakis
Sound Design: Anastasis Efentakis

Casting Director: Archontissa Kokotsaki

Wardrobe: Xanthi Kontou
Art Director: Douglas Foote

Editor: Allan Michael
Cast: Dimitris Mpoumpouralakis, Despina Tsafaraki, Giorgos Kiminoulakis, Konstantina Koskina, Artemis Skouloudi, Manolis Poulis, Vagelis Vasilakis, Katerina Vasilaki, Giorgos Stentoumis, Nasos Stentoumis, Giorgos Vlachakis, Ivan, Giorgos Galanos, Pantelis Iliakakis, Vaso Psarianou.

1 megjegyzés:

Rick Forrestal írta...

Olive trees get more beautiful
the older they live.
(A lesson for each of us.)
Thanks for sharing . . . beautiful photos.

Now I'm going to go eat some olives!

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