2013. június 18., kedd

images for breakfast

If I'm weird around you, that means
 I'm comfortable with you.

xoxo Ilka

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Elektra írta...

But also in the evening these pictures look very nice.
Sleep well

Rick Forrestal írta...

Thoughtful images.
Just beautiful.

I love the Zag quote. (I agree.)
Boobs are nice, but a mind is sexier.

I'm always smiling when I come to the end of your post.
I've missed you.


Janet Taylor írta...

Az első!

flysongbird írta...

beautiful photos!

Bogi Bog írta...

Nagyon jó a kávézói csendélet, meg a férficuccok :-)

Névtelen írta...

Hello. And Bye.

SABINNA and DAVID írta...

u always have the most beautiful selections of the most beautiful photos! <3

xx, Sabinna and David
Broken Cookies

curly purplepig írta...

wow love this post! you have such a lovely blog!


such inspirations are always welcome. the bowls are amazing!

Heartbeats from VIENNA WEDEKIND

Spoonful Of Diamonds írta...

love it all! great inspiration



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