2013. február 15., péntek

"Women's Silence" Barnoff ss2013


Complex mosaics on antique building interiors, turquoise

 and pure white crystals, create the serene and peaceful 

silence which is at the heart of Tamara Barnoff’s latest 

collection for Barnoff.

The Spring Summer 2013 collection, aptly called "Women's 

Silence" exudes femininity in a subtle and self-fulfilling 

fashion. Its soft colours and gently flowing lines contrast 

delightfully with the strong geometric cuts.The strength of 

Tamara Barnoff's woman is the ability to be calm and silent, 

yet incredibly strong at the same time. She confronts life's 

setbacks with dignity and grace.

Photo : Vivienne Balla
styling : Anett Fuster
Hair : Norbert Kozma
makeup: Natasa Kovalik
Model :  Dora at visagemodels

6 megjegyzés:

Rick Forrestal írta...

Soft, sexy, elegant.
Love 'em.

Nervous about next week,
but everything will be fine.


janettaylor írta...

Fehér tunika az egyik kedvencem.

kcomekarolina írta...

great pics!

xoxo from rome

Bogi Bog írta...

Egyre jobbak a Barnoff-kollekciók. Ez abszolút az én stílusom, mindegyik darabot szívesen hordanám!

Margaret Cruzemark írta...

Love this one. You have such a fantastic blog!
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Vienna Wedekind írta...

fantastic hair & Make-up!
Heartbeats from //VIENNA WEDEKIND//

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