2012. december 3., hétfő

He's got the style

Will Chalker is on the Waterfront for the December Issue of Details

― Harun Yahya

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Sabrina írta...

Oh Mumford and Sons..they are brilliant!!!I love this song!!

Rick Forrestal írta...

I love this style of fashion photography -- real world poses, fantastic lighting, great models. Oh yeah, a lot of STYLE too.

Great post, Ilka.
And Mumford & Sons -- such a great group.


LittleMucli írta...

A kérelmet hozzád lehet beküldeni? ;)

sergio castaño peña írta...

absolutely amazing pictures, artyle and collection. in love with this style!


Bogi Bog írta...

Awww, elolvadok!

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