2012. november 18., vasárnap


They say that dreams,dreams are memories…memories of another life.

photos by Levente Kovács

7 megjegyzés:

Andrés Corella írta...

I really love those moving images they sort of remind me of the ones you saw in the Harry Potter series...they have a bit of a magical effect to them, is lovely.

The Black Label

Surbhi Suri írta...

the first pic is so lovely..

Nagy Norbert írta...

Nagyon mukszik, bejon.

Elektra írta...

WOW, what a beautiful post, it all fits perfect together: your beautiful photo's, the sparkling glitter and the music. Good that you are back :)

Tesa írta...

beautiful post!

janettaylor írta...

Cool post!

Bogi Bog írta...

Ó, de jó az a mozgó kép :-)

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