2012. október 6., szombat

my new sunnies

About a month ago I participated at one of my favorite blog's (Broken-Cookies)
giveaway game, where I could win a sunglass.
 I was so lucky that I wone the red Ray Ben.
The Broken-Cookies is a very special and high quality fashion and lifestyle blog.
Amazing photos and not everyday outfit inspirations.
Those who didn't know them, you find them here.
After I picked up my gift, I met with two friends 
Réka and Levi, and we went
to one of my favorite locations: the Baroque.
Because Levi made the photos, you can see only his work.
I hope you like the photos, my new sunnies and of course the place.
Thanx Sabina & David.
Photos by Levi,  his works: here

xoxo Ilka

8 megjegyzés:

Janna írta...

Great pics! And I love the setting, looks exactly like the place I'd love to spend a day (or two, or three or...). Hope you guys enjoyed yourselves :D

Please drop by soon x

Rick Forrestal írta...

Yay, lucky girl.
Congratulations on your new sunnies!
(Red, of course!)

I really like these pics -- you look great.
I especially like the first one.


Névtelen írta...

lovely pictures!
& cute shades :)

Thündérke írta...

Szuper képek ! :)

Bogi Bog írta...

Bárcsak több képet posztolnál magadról! Olyan jó ízlésed van és olyan jó helyeken vagy :-) Szuper képek lettek!

Elektra írta...

Beautiful photo's Ilka, and it's nice to see you again. You look well with your glasses.
warm greetings

Street Fashion Paris írta...

Beautiful Photo!!!! love it !!!

Annemarie írta...

nagyon jo kepek lettek, foleg a foteles meg a fekete feher :)

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