2012. szeptember 26., szerda

Lost Highway

 Photo by Peter Lindbergh
 Model Kati Nescher , and actor Garrett Hedlund
fashion editor Tonne Goodman and menswear editor Michael Philouze
 Hair by Orlando Pita
Makeup Romy Soleimani
 October issue of Vogue US

5 megjegyzés:

Rick Forrestal írta...

Cute couple, nice spread.
But I can tell they don't like each other, it shows.
(Those shots where they're touching each other.)
The photographer should have picked different models....probably didn't have any choice.

And I am most definitely not who I was a year ago (thank God.) The people I know who ARE the same are either (a) boring, or (b) dead.


Mira írta...

Amazing photos. Garrett is sooo handsome :D


Psycho Cat írta...

Great editorial and clothes, love that retro vibe :)

Bohemian vanity írta...

Great ad ! Love that picture style and outfits !!! XX Tani

Bogi Bog írta...

Imádom ezt a hangulatot! Szívesen lennék a helyükben.

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