2012. augusztus 29., szerda

"We were there" Barnoff A/W 2012-13

The road from the dark towards the light, full of sacrifice: this was the inspiration behind the fall/winter collection of the Barnoff house. The dead butterflies, the lifeless colors paint a picture of the colorless nature and the hopeless, lonely traveler.
Photos: Vivenne Balla
Styling: Heni Kiss
Makeup: Ágnes Bukor
Hair: Sophie Magalashvili
Model: Bora (Xpose)

The creations from the collection feed upon the 
disappointment of modern people; they symbolize the 
resignation of the person suffocating amidst compromises, 
tired of fighting the expectations and ruthless insensitivity of 
society. The sadness radiating from the pieces, which stands 
in sharp contrast to the optimistic, playful spirit of the 
earlier collections, parallels the inevitability of the frosty, 
cruel winter to the hopelessness and unconcern 
of modern society.

“Human beings are full of hope, they swim against the flow, 
fight and trust. There comes a time, however, when they 
become tired of fighting, when the dictatorship of consumer 
society endangers the existence of hope, love and acceptance. 
This is a transitional period, the most exciting phase of life, 
we do not know what it might bring along” – says Tamara.

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7 megjegyzés:

Annemarie írta...

kedvenc a leveles ing a szurke blezerrel :D kell! most.

Elektra írta...

WOW very beautiful collection and photos
ELektra x

Rick Forrestal írta...

What a collection.
Great lines, great taste.
Is it just me? or are these very sexy, too?

Those slate blue dresses are so yummy.
Thanks for sharing.

Bogi Bog írta...

Úgy látom, nagyon ütősek lesznek a magyar (vagy itt élő) tervezők őszi kollekciói. Egyre jobbak vagyunk! :-)

Damla írta...

Barnoff Showroom: Nagymező u.14.!!!! :)

Damla írta...

Barnoff Showroom: Nagymező u. 14.!!!

Street Fashion Paris írta...

Love those photos and style!!! beautiful!!! xxx

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