2012. augusztus 16., csütörtök

men's street style

“Every man I meet wants to protect me. 

I can't figure out what from.”

― Mae West

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legerősebb virágszál írta...

Mennyire szépek:D

Rick Forrestal írta...

The men are lookin' good, even the old boys.
(...especially those layered wools from the Sartorialist).

Love The Kills (good choice.)


jessica-anne írta...

I love seeing well-dressed men, who take pride in their appearance, there's something really attractive about it :) Thanks for sharing, there's some great ideas from your post that I'll pass on to my guy friends :D

Pop by and visit my blog Taken By Surprise! xx

miss.love2807 írta...

I think men who know how to style are the sexiest :D lovee ur blog, gotta follow you^^

maybe you want to check out mine as well. it's all about nail art:

Psycho Cat írta...

First picture is my favorit, great style :)

Street Fashion Paris írta...

Very inspirational photos!!! xxx

Viktória írta...

A bőrdzsekis srác nagyon vagány. :) az idősebb úr meg just love... imádom,ha az idősek is adnak magukra,persze a lehetőségekhez képest. :)

Mira írta...

Why do I never see guys like that on the street :D


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