2012. július 12., csütörtök

Yves Saint Laurent: L'amour fou

A documentary on the relationship between fashion designer 
Yves Saint-Laurent and his lover, Pierre Bergé.

“I remember your first collection under your name and the 
tears at the end. Then the years passed.
 Oh, how they passed quickly. The divorce was inevitable but 
the love never stopped.
I don’t know how to say good-bye because I can never leave you. 
We will never watch a sunset together again. We will never 
share the emotions together before a painting again. 
Someday I will join you under the palm trees of Morocco. 
I want to tell you my admiration, 
my profound respect and my love.” 
Bergé at the funeral of Saint Laurent

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Psycho Cat írta...

This is going to be interesting to watch :)

Alice írta...

It seems very interesting...
I read that you are Romanian, so I'm wondering if you'd like to help me with a project that I'm trying to do. It's a video for a competition of the European Union, Generation 1992. I wrote everyting here --> http://agirlwhorock.blogspot.sk
If you'd like to partecipate, it would be great, in any case thank to read this!
Your blog is really cute!!

Alice írta...

Sorry, I gave you the wrong link. This is the right one --> http://toomuchlightburnsthenegative.blogspot.it/2012/07/generation-1992.html?showComment=1342115623743#c6674657414858086376

Névtelen írta...

Jaj, de szépen fejezte ki magát! Jók a képek is :-)

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