2012. június 20., szerda

Hello peplums !

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Annemarie írta...

aaah, elobb akartam irni melyik tetszik az elso sorbol,aztan rajottem h annal sokkal tobb van :D alom szepek!

Carol írta...

Love that trend!
Actually in my new post I wear my peplum shirt :)

Psycho Cat írta...

I like this trend and you made a great choice of pictures :)

PlaceTrends írta...

Great!! I love peplums - I think every woman look very feminine in it :)

xx alex




Rick Forrestal írta...

I love the Picasso quote.
I have many new friends from Romania -- I met last week in Vienna at the World Barista Championship . . . especially Cristian Coman, from Cafepedia in Bucuresti.
Is that close to you?

Nathalie Van den Berg írta...

Love it! Just bought a dress like that!

Cliff Tuna írta...

Hello there!

My name is Cliff and I'm holding The Sartorialist book by Scott Schuman giveaway right now. I'm so happy that I'm here to officially invite you to join the giveaway, it's open internationally. I'm so excited that you have the chance to win. Thank you so much for your time! :) Click HERE for the giveaway!

Harmony írta...

Jujj, de szepek! Nagyon szeretem oket!

*Glam Chameleon* írta...

I heart this trend completely, it's utterly feminine! Beautiful peplum selection!
Happy Thursday! xoxo

SMIZEDIVAT by Chaby írta...

LOVE, szuperjó !!! A legjobbakat összeszedted:):):)

Allison írta...

LOVE peplum! You've found so many great pieces!!
And thank you so much for the sweet comment and for following my blog!! I am following you back with pleasure!!

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