2012. június 12., kedd

Ava Smith for H&M Fall 2012 Lookbook


source: fashion gone rogue

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Dora írta...

I adore the sweater in the first picture :)

*Glam Chameleon* írta...

I loved this lookbook from the first moment! So many pretty pieces, this fall will be very interesting!;)
Happy Tuesday!! kisses

Andrés Corella írta...

Nice collection...the first skirt is just soo cool!

The Black Label

^_^ wReY and R0bbY írta...

I'm in love with the leather jackets! She's very pretty! ヅ

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You just gained a new GFC follower #512. ت


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Thanks! ヅ

Mira írta...

I really hope that I will get a few clothes from this collection!!
Great post :D



wow this looks like an amazing chic collection!


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Névtelen írta...

Love the photos, especially the first big yellow sweater and the last dress. Soo pretty!

Chari T. írta...

I love this post! I wish I could become a designer and have my own line! :p You earned a new follower! Hope u hit me back xx Forever Nineteen

Miss Margaret Cruzemark írta...

Very inspiring post. Your choices are always so stylish and refined!!!!
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Janna írta...

I've seen it before on their facebook & I really like the emerald colours. Which is your favourite? xx

Névtelen írta...

Jaj, olyan szuper ez a lookbook! Bár nem minden fazon tetszik, de a többségük jöhetne, a színek meg nagyon jók!

Anna Brain írta...

I like it sooooo much!!! <3 :)

Rin Handika írta...

oh myy.. i love all those clother, so awesome, im agree with your quotes, its all about style <3
Im following you now, you totally have a great blog, mind to follow each other? kisses <3

Carmen írta...

It seems really nice colection, they are ice pictures:)
Like your blo is wonderful, I´m your new follower!!

Petro Neagu írta...

Ava's style is so nice and H&M must be so lucky to partner with her.
thanks for sharing these lovely styles :)


petra`s kunstblog írta...

Amazing - love the flowerprint and the leatherjacket. so cool
i love H & M

hautepinkpretty írta...

She is stunning! Xox <3 hautepinkpretty.com

Miss fashionmix írta...

This collection is just amazing! Can't wait to shop couple of items already!

a sip of fashion baby írta...

i really like your blog and the pics for your post and last post..would you like to follow each other?

Teodora írta...

I have to admit that I love them all!
Great blog my dear.

Have a beautiful week,

Pim írta...

I love your blog!! Your style of writing is very nice to read. And I've seen this lookbook too, I am a big fan of H&M.

I've got a blog of my own, maybe you could check it sometime, I'll be one of your followers anyway :)


Pim írta...

It may be a smart to give you the link :P



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