2012. május 18., péntek

Loeffler Randall

Buy here: Loeffler Randall

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Annemarie írta...

mind finomak! :D

Tavken írta...

te is cipő? én is cipő :P

Rick Forrestal írta...

Love the pumps and the sandals . . . a lot!

Andrés Corella írta...

Such beautiful shoes..I totally love the first three, beauties!

The Black Label

Benlovesting írta...

Lovely blog.

Despina T. írta...

really amazing shoes!i just love them all!

Re írta...

Lovely shoes.

Welcome to visit my blog. If you like it maybe we can follow each other.xx


sepatuholic írta...

These are great!

Theodora C. írta...

I just found your blog and i really love it so i am following you,wanna follow me back so we could keep in touch?...that would mean a lot to me:d
Hope to hear from you soon


Midheta Agic írta...

Great one !
Have a nice weekend !


Chris írta...

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topankablog.hu írta...

Yes, please...! :D

Miss fashionmix írta...

Love their shoes! They are super cool!

Névtelen írta...

Hmmm, majdnem mindegyik kellene, nagyon jók!

Yeliz Selvi írta...

oh my goodness. the fawn sandals are insane, such a beautiful cut!
Also loveee these oxfords above, perfect post lady!
thank you biggg time for my comment ;) xx

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