2012. május 7., hétfő

The laziest guys in town

The laziest guys in town are Rj King (Banana Models), Sid 

Ellisdon (MGM) and Jay J (Major Models) photographed by

 Ivan Muselli and styled by Priscila Ribeiro for new issue


Photo: Ivan Muselli

Styling: Nicholas Galletti (http://www.nicholasgalletti.com)
Ass. stylit: Priscila Ribeiro

Hair: Helen Bidard @ Artlist Paris

Make up: Yacine Diallo @ Artlist Paris

Models: Rj King (BANANA), Sid Ellisdon (Mgm) and Jay H 

(Major Models).

source: fucking young

21 megjegyzés:

Rick Forrestal írta...

This "lazy" thing . . . maybe a fad (hopefully.)

Not attractive. Negative mood.
Strange choice for DEDICATE magazine.

No thanks.

janettaylor írta...

Love their hair style! :)

Despina T. írta...

i actually like these!lazy but stylish boys ;)

jhilmilbeauty írta...

I am extremely glad to inform you that I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award on my blog.

Re írta...

Thank you for stopping by :) xx


SweetCharm írta...

Hi ! I am Cecilia and i find your blog amazing! but I have a boredom. I joined Blogger for some time and I don’t have enough members! Can you join my blog please I really need it and I promises to become member of your blog also thank you!

Névtelen írta...

lovely pics


Psycho Cat írta...

Nice editorial, I like that lazy idea :)

Tavken írta...

I wanna be lazy just like them

Yeliz Selvi írta...

thank you so much for sharing this is amazing
my gosh, perfect combination of colour and pattern...and um..male models ;) Xx

Joseph Dang írta...

Wish I looked like them!

Maria írta...

So 80s.


cute blog!



kathy írta...

such an amazing shoot!
these guys are so yummy

lovelace írta...

Wow!!! Awesome editorial & good looking boys ;) Thanks for sharing!!!
And thank you for your comments,dear, sorry for late response, I had some problems so I wasn't able to blog actively.
Love your blog, you're very original!!!
Cheers, enjoy & lots of fun

Jane írta...

Damn! I adooooore the first picture, so cool!

Iris írta...

Ohh, super great photos and video:)!

Hope you have a awesome day♥!
Love, Iris


Floortje írta...

I really love your blog dear!
Keep posting and go for it :)


Névtelen írta...

Jaj, imádom, kicsit olyan 80-as évek :-)

Giuliana írta...

love this!


Névtelen írta...

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