2012. május 3., csütörtök

Anna Dello Russo For H&M

This morning H&M announced that they have collaborated 

with the extravagant Anna Dello Russo.

The fashion director at large and creative consultant for 

Vogue Japan.

Anna said, “I am excited by this collaboration: this is the 
first time H&M have involved a Fashion Director 

in a special project. 
This is the sign of an important evolution 
in fashion, and I am both thrilled and humbled to be the 
one chosen to lead it. I wanted to create precious 
accessories that are impossible to find. As a stylist I know 
accessorization is essential: it is the personal touch to any 
outfit. With these pieces everybody can have fun, turning 
an ordinary day into a fantastic fashion day”.
The collection will go on sale in-store and online from 4 October 2012.

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Despina T. írta...

oh i just can't wait for this collection!she is such a great personality and stylist!i adore her!

Psycho Cat írta...

This is going to be really interesting :)

Anthea Lau írta...

OMG I can't wait to see the collection out! She's absolutely right about how important accessories are<3<3
would you like to follow each other?:)

Rick Forrestal írta...

OMG, is that turquoise?

I love turquoise ! ! !

momto8blog írta...

love the colors!

http://girlsjustwanttohavefuun.blogspot.com/ írta...

Can't wait!!!
I love your blog, new follower ;) Please stop by my blog and follow me back?! ;)

Névtelen írta...

beautiful collection...<3

janettaylor írta...

I cannot wait to check this collection. I want the turquoise clutch soo sooo much!

Satine írta...

OOOOO I love Anna Dello Russo! I wait for this collection :)
Come to visit my blog and if you like let's follow each other!

trishie írta...

Such a beautiful collection

Akiko írta...

Gorgeous accessories! Beautiful colors and Thanks for sharing :) xo akiko
Style Imported

Satine írta...

Thank you for following me,follow you back already :)

Beauty Follower írta...

To baroque for my taste, though i like the turquoise clutch.

SABINNA and DAVID írta...

can't wait! so sure its gonna be super awesome!! :)

xx, Sabinna and David
Broken Cookies

Gaby de Modacapital írta...

Can´t wait!! Love the video :)

Annemarie írta...

arany es turkiz, jo kombi :D

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