2012. április 4., szerda

Jewelry craziness| Meet "Me & Zena"

Bobby Dazzler Pill Box Necklace buy:here

Bobby Dazzler Pill Box Ring buy: here

Women Who Draw Too Much Heart Sharpener Necklace buy: here

Big Sharpy Pencil Sharpener Ring buy: here

Should I Decision Maker Necklace buy:here

Bright Eyes Rabbit Ring buy: here

Atomic Robot Necklace buy: here

Save Me Nautical Necklace buy: here

 Me & Zena is the brainchild of London based designer Zena Mckeown, who graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a BA in Visual Communication in 2004. She moved to London in 2005, clueless and broke, with a dream in her heart and a teenager in her soul, shouting things about unicorns, gold and love. With these three things in mind Zena created her first piece of jewellery and continues to satisfy her love of all things small, shiny and symbolic to this day.

souce: www.meandzena.com

10 megjegyzés:

Rick Forrestal írta...

I've always loved "pill boxes."

Very cool jewelry.

Annemarie írta...

jaj a nyuszi gyuru :D....a kek kokos gyuru sem semmi :P

Andrés Corella írta...

Lovely jewelry...the robot necklace..is on my GET IT list

The Black Label

Mesmerize írta...

ohh so wonderful jewelery! I love it:)
please visit me in free time:)

Thündérke írta...

A nyuszis gyűrű annyira édes *-* elfogadnám :D .

el_martina írta...

all those stuff look great, I love Bobby Dazzler Pill Box Ring , super cool!

Marta K írta...

great jewelry :)

SABINNA and DAVID írta...

the robots are so cute, love them!

xx, Sabinna and David
Broken Cookies

francisc vaida írta...


Névtelen írta...

Imádom az ilyen egyedi, újszerű ékszereket, a mentőöves a legjobb.

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