2012. március 3., szombat

sand and shell beach

"Single storey house/shack on a sand and shell beach. Once part of a small fishing community, rough and ready but basic amenities and basic interior. Isolated, lonely, reached by an unmade farm track. One of a handful of similar yet different shacks. Sea and beach on one side and marshland and fields as far as the eye can see on the other. The property consists of one large living room with a small kitchen area, a bedroom leading off the living room, and a smaller room also leading off the main room. There is a wood burning stove for heating. French doors lead onto a porch and then a small area of decking which extends halfway around the southern side of the property. The shack is on a fenced plot about 60' square. There is a WC. Located in Isle of Sheppey. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS NO WATER OR ELECTRICITY! "
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5 megjegyzés:

Rick Forrestal írta...

This is so cool I can't stand it.
I'd live here in a minute.

(I'd miss the water more than the electricity.
But the location makes up for it all.)


Jeroen írta...

Very nice! Beautiful colors. Looks like the 70-ies!

Thündérke írta...

olyan szépek :$ el tudnék magamnak képzelni egy ilyen házikót vízpart mellett :D

Annemarie írta...

o, a sok kek, turkiz, pasztell rozsaszin.....es feher...nekem is kell egy ilyen menedek!

Névtelen írta...

Ha ilyen nyaralóm lenne, még én is rajonganék a tengerért, mert amúgy nem vagyok oda érte, mint sokan mások. Nagyon hangulatos kis kuckó, a 3. kép a kedvencem.

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