2012. március 17., szombat

FieldCandy Tents Designed To Stand Out

"FieldCandy is an exciting design-led brand of tents. We are here to inject colour, creativity and fun into the camping space by offering a range of totally unexpected designs.
FieldCandy tents are fun. But they’re serious too. They keep you as dry in the rain and as snug in a gale as any conventional high performance tent. And because we use good old-fashioned cotton, you don’t get the condensation that comes as standard with most modern tents.
You’ll find it’s all very simple. And simplicity gives you more time for enjoyment."
buy FieldCandy Tents:here
source: FieldCandy,  The cool hunter

6 megjegyzés:

Rick Forrestal írta...

I want one.

These are fantastic!
My faves are the cosmic universe (especially at night), the patchwork quilt (so comfy looking), and the water-melon wedge (but I'd be afraid it would look too delicious to some wild animal).

I love camping, but my tent is just green!

Elektra írta...

Super! I prefer hotels but spending a holiday in such a beautiful and funny tent must be wonderful.
Elektra x

petra`s kunstblog írta...

it was really time for that . great idea ,just great. I would really go camping again, if I had one. ;)

Bog-Bog írta...

Jaj, de cukik! Tisztára csábítják az embert egy kis vadkempingezésre :-)

Annemarie írta...

nekem az apro figuras es a sajti jon be :D

www.kunsthafen.blogspot.com írta...

A dinnyés meg a sajtos a kedvencem!

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