2012. január 7., szombat

Living Icons! Vivienne Westwood

"Fashion is about eventually being naked"
The daughter of a cotton weaver and shoe-maker, Vivienne Westwood was born in Glossop, Derbyshire in 1941.
The self-styled queen of punk revolutionised the fashion industry with her risqué creations. ‘Sex’, her seminal shop run with Malcolm McLaren, launched punk’s iconic look.
Her unconventional collections have established her global reputation as one of Britain’s most original designers.

"Malcolm and I were probably the straightest people on that scene"

"We based the look on rock 'n' roll right from the beginning"
"I was walking down the street in rubber negligées and high-heel stiletto shoes at a time when other people were wearing denim, flares and platforms.  You felt very heroic.  I knew I looked good"
[On clothing shop SEX]
"We wanted to create the feeling of being inside a womb, but also in a sort of sex torture chamber"

"Why do people think that if you don't dress up, others will appreciate your beauty more - that style will somehow emanate from you?  It's rubbish.  If you dress up it helps your personality to emerge - if you choose well"
"So many women don't seem to even understand what sexy means.
Sexy is about looking powerful and important"
"I think dress, hairstyle and make-up are the crucial factors in projecting an attractive persona and give one the chance to enhance one's best physical features"
"There's something really awful about the way people dress now.
Everyone looks the same.  Everyone wants to look neutral"
"You have a much better life if

you wear impressive clothes"
"My son has followed fashion since he was a punk.

He and I agree that fashion is about sex"

source: fashionsmostwanted, more about Vivienne W: here

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Annemarie írta...

nezd meg Sid and Nancyt :)

Rick Forrestal írta...

Ah yes . . . a grand old girl.
Love her

janettaylor írta...

Imádom! Elképesztő! :D


Névtelen írta...

Bírom őt! Ááá, de jó lenne egy ilyen kultikus üzletbe bemenni!
Sid és Nancy-t nagyon régen láttam, de most ennek hatására megnézem újra.

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