2011. december 2., péntek

Pleasemachine by Anna Zaboeva

Anna Zaboeva was born in Siberia, and studied film making before moving to Hungary, to study at the school of industrial design. She started making shoes for herself and friends, and soon found she could not meet the growing demand for her   designs. 

Customers would indeed call and beg to have their unique shoes created, and after hearing the word “please” just too much, she created her brand:Pleasemachine. 

The name fits well, as Anna works much like a machine, never stopping, and always working. She opened her first store in downtown budapest in 2010, aptly called Siberia.

Pleasemachine shoes are unique and stylish, often created out of recycled materials


                    SIBERIA Shoe Shop
                    Wesselényi utca 19.
                    + 36 70 26 27 348 

                    A loja
                    Falckenstein str. 33.
                    Kreuzberg, Berlin

6 megjegyzés:

Lea írta...

Those shoes are so fabulous!
I want a pair of my own.

Check out my blog and the giveaway.


Andrés Corella írta...

Indeed unique shoes! I love all of them...If I say I want the transformers oxfords..would you hold it against me? hahaha

Rick Forrestal írta...

I'll take a pair of her shoes (pic #1).
11-C's, please.

Killer designs.

janettaylor írta...

Imádom a Pleasemachine-t. :)

Annemarie írta...

a harmadik levag :D, elvezem a nevet "pleasemachine" :)) mit ki nem talalnak!

Névtelen írta...

Majdnem mind tetszik. Jó lenne nőiben is. Vagy ezek unisex cipők? Mindegy, a forma nem illik a stílusomhoz, de az anyaghasználat igen.

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