2011. december 3., szombat


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Rick Forrestal írta...

OK, Ilka . . . another "well assembled" series. Each image is all about taste, quality and great design.

1. Gorgeous wing tip handmade shoes. Great color.
2. Love the simple bedroom. A hideaway, no doubt.
3. That's the right belt, with those beautiful trousers.
4. What a handsome tool kit. Well worn tools. Classic.
5. He's got a Hasselblad. Good sign.

Two questions:

1. Is he a gentleman, or just rich?
2. And why is there a picture of my car in your post?

You're good, Ilka.

Andrés Corella írta...

The shoes, the bag! And the shaving kit! PERFECT! I would love someone gave them to me as a christmas present hahaha

The Black Label

Névtelen írta...

Wow, kéne ennek a gentleman-nek az órája, a táskája, a zakói... Talán ő maga is :-)

lil miss Sauniya' írta...

awesome.. love love the watch :)

Annemarie írta...

na hat itt kezdodik ugy igazan.....

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