2011. november 29., kedd

Pablo Picasso

"Are we to paint what's on the face, what's inside the face, or what's behind it?" Paplo Picasso

source: Miss Moss

5 megjegyzés:

Rick Forrestal írta...

This is a great series of the artist, his family, his dishes.

I've always thought Picasso is one fine, good looking man!

Go Pablo.


Annemarie írta...

Jokepu volt az alak :) azok a tanyer keszletek nekem is kellenenek.

Elektra írta...

lovely posts, especially the photo's with the light painting.
Warm greetings,

Alaia Bauchtanz írta...

Nagyon jó ez az utolsó animáció, ahogy lecsupaszítja az állatot. És a szöveg is milyen találó!

mienkintoshfairie írta...

Love the animation, complete deconstruction of the being from outside to within. i love it! Those plates are amazing, are with light? Nice, he;s so swift with his "brush" strokes

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