2011. november 9., szerda

Lets Make Some Great Art by Marion Deuchars

Marion Deuchars, an award winning illustrator has designed Let’s Make Some Great Art, an interactive book that explores the creativity in every child and helps them gain the necessary skills to gain confidence when drawing.
The book is a step by step process which shows children how to understand illustration drawing, covering materials, experimenting with perspectives, shading and depth; this approach allows the child to understand the foundation on how drawings are made. To keep the child engaged and entertained, Marion narrates stories about colour and materials giving a well rounded experience of the history of drawing. To further enhance the value of history, Marion Deuchars goes through the work of twelve celebrated artists where children are invited to draw da Vinci’s Mona Lisa smile, create their own Matissecut outs, explore Jackson Pollock‘s action paintings or Bridget Riley‘s Op Art. The book is full of beautiful work and the step by step instructions on how to create them. From drawing to cutting, building and finger painting, ‘Let’s Make Some Great Art’ is a must have for your child or even an adult like me! It is fun, engaging and highly inspirational.
Let’s Make Some Great Art
Laurence King Publishing
600 illustrations
289 x 210 mm
224 pages
ISBN – 978 1 85669 786 6

source: Miss Design

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Névtelen írta...

Az Art materials aranyos! Azt hiszem, nekem nincs ennyi művészkellékem :-)

Annemarie írta...

eredeti! a kellekes a legedibb :D

Névtelen írta...

Érdekes... Kicsit olyan irka-firkának néz ki, de tetszetős :)

janettaylor írta...

De jóóó!


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