2011. augusztus 8., hétfő

Hey men!What’s in your Bag?

Men can read maps better than women.
Cause only the male mind could conceive
of one inch equaling a hundred miles!

source: Miss-Design

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Rick Forrestal írta...

OK, I'm finished laughing now. (Loved your quote.)

These men definitely know how to fill their bags. OMG, love the high-end contents in these photos, including all these "film only" cameras. You can tell a lot about a man who shoots with any of these cameras, ESPECIALLY THE FIRST PHOTO. That's my favorite camera of all time -- the LEICA "range finder" M8. Even though it's "film only", I love shooting with this incredible camera. And look at the neck cord -- so elegant.

These photos make my mouth water. Thanks, Ilka. (And thanks again for the quote. LOL.)


Tavken írta...

Köszi... tetszetős darabok. Nem is tudom melyiket válasszam!

Névtelen írta...

Látom, mindegyiknek van valami szerkentyűje, pl. fényképezőgép, iPod, vagy mi... vagy épp pisztoly :D
Az enyémnek táskája sincs, de ha lenne, csak annyit pakolna bele, ami az utolsó előtti képen van.

Jason Laucht írta...

number 7 is an apple freak and the last one hahahahaha i cant stop laughing hahahaha.. the person might just want to shoot someone


Andrés Corella írta...

Love this pics..now why does my bag looks nothing like this inside?? haha...great contents..and some of the bags are really cool as well

The Black Label

Carla McCarthy írta...

Thanks for your comment! Nice selection! I would ask myself which one of those men are the most powerful, more dangerous, intelectual, nerd, Photographer, student...never ends!I will never find out what kind of men if i see the content of their bag!

Michele Meister írta...

I think I would like to meet man number 2.... a camera and a Paris map :)) but definitely not the last one :) thank you Ilka for another wonderful post !

Névtelen írta...

Na igen, fényképezőgép nélkül egy lépést se! :)
Jó kis válogatás! Egy Leica elférne az én táskámban is még! :)

Beango írta...

Rolinak is olyan barna rayban szemcsi tokja van...és a szemcsije is olyan..:D


this is marvelous, boys are much more organized than girls, if i poured out my handbag a pile of crazyness would spill out!

great images,
-now following

Little Pink Rain Boots írta...

Ah! I love this and the quote. My fiance got his first briefcase/bag and he was amazed at everything he could fit into it (now maybe he'll understand my obsession with my purse lol.) I think I like the last image best, judging by his contents he might be a secret agent hehe.

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