2011. július 27., szerda

we love boys and dogs

Don't stop inspiring me!
xx Ilka

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Rick Forrestal írta...

Love this post.

OK, we all know Rick's not a "slave to fashion" . . . so, I don't see myself in jacket no. 1, but I'd wear the white linen jacket in a minute (especially with the blue "Fuck Off" hanky) . . . big gaudy wrist watches - NO . . . suspenders - YES . . . pirate slippers - DEFINITELY . . . and any of these great dogs - YOU BET. Such chic magnets, don't you agree?

Dog #1 - WHAT A FACE. Dog #3 - THOSE EYES.
I love pit bulls (such softies), dalmatians and irish setters.

Great post.

Andrés Corella írta...

Ohh I love it!!! That first blazer is def for someone with and edge..Though I see myself wearing everything else...Dogs are a soft spot of mine...just love em!

The Black Label

Annemarie írta...

na, nalam az alom paros a szakadt naci meg az ir szetter :D jo tarsitasok!

Monsieur M. írta...

This is one of the best post I've seen in months!!
I saved this page among the favourite pages.
Compliments :)

New follower

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