2011. június 14., kedd

Souffle Sweets for Summer 2011

Souffle’s new
collection makes this summer unforgettable with airy, perfectly finished pieces.
This year, the Souffle woman’s wardrobe should not miss out on the simple
dresses, the knitted pieces made with extraordinary details, and the amazing
Designer Boglárka Virág has made her simple yet exquisite clothes and jewelry under the
brand name Souffle since 2007. Her pieces are designed for women who consider elegance
and extravagance their expression of femininity; who like comfortable yet special clothes and
accessories. The collections are born from continuous experimenting with materials, forms,
techniques and colors, integrating revolting ideas into harmonious unity.

Styling: Zsuzsanna Benkó & Zsanett Szabó @ Papírbábu
Makeup: Ágnes Rédli @ Papírbábu
Hair: Renáta Pintér @ Papírbábu
Model: Bernadett @ ArtModels
Shoes: rekavago

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Névtelen írta...

Very nice fashion photos, I like them!
Have a nice day!

Susan írta...

köszönjük :)

Névtelen írta...

Szeretem az ilyen ékszereket. És akarok egy piros ruhát.

lil miss Sauniya' írta...

I love the jewellery!!

Névtelen írta...

Nice post!

Dora írta...

I love the vibrant red in these photos :)

The Styleograph írta...

stunning photos btw.!

The Styleograph

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