2011. április 29., péntek


That afternoon, I got to thinking
about myths and relationships.
Heroes, boyfriends, Cyclopses,
divorced guys.
Are they really that different?
The primitive Greeks
clung desperately to myths
to explain the random hopelessness
of their miserable lives.
Do modern day people
need modern day myths
just to help us get through our random
and sometimes miserable relationships?

source: we heart it

3 megjegyzés:

Annemarie írta...

Unfortunately, I have no idea.........I think we cling to the hope of tomorrow. Love the horse eye...

SABINNA and DAVID írta...

absoltely gorgous, sensitive and beautiful post! adore the second photo!

xx, Sabinna and David


anna flores írta...

Very nice post, Ilka! I love the soft colors and the quiet ambiance....,
nice weekend; Anna

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