2011. február 9., szerda

Jade Parfitt in Alexander McQueen by Jermaine Francis for Crash!

Oh, dear.I really ought to do something.But I'm already in my pajamas!

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Tobistyle93 írta...

little girl
you are wearing Alexander McQueen
don't look so bored!!

Andrés Corella írta...

I totally agree...I was like ohh Alexander Mc...and the minute I saw her I felt joy escaped from my mouth..she looks SO bored and oh no no no...this is not how you work McQueen...gorgeous pieces...would´ve selected another model.


ATW írta...

although parfitt has no facial expression at all, i still love what she's wearing. even a bored face can't destroy mcqueen :)
xxx love


Little Pink Rain Boots írta...

I want every piece of clothing in these photo, especially the second dress. Actually if I could just have every piece of clothing that Mcqueen has made that would be awesome :)


Névtelen írta...

Tényleg kicsit unottnak tűnik a modell. De a McQueen cuccok nagyon jók!

Ilka von Torok írta...

I agree, but the clothes are amazing!
God save McQueen!

Hat kicsit unott az biztos de szep a lany szerintem, meg a ruhak hm hm!

xx Ilka

Christina`s Welt írta...

this pics are great!

mienkintoshfairie írta...

I love this shoot! She's so blond, and her eyes are amazing!

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