2010. december 12., vasárnap

C'est la vie!That's life!

If you want to know where your heart is,
look at where your mind wanders when you daydream.


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Beango írta...

nagyon nagyon. jo ez a bejegyzes.

Esther írta...

hey sweet thanks so much for coming by to my blog :) love the comment! it makes me happy :D please come by again anytime! and I LOVE ALL THESE PICTURES!

ps. im now a follower! :) please follow me back? :) XXXX ♥


NiNi írta...

Thank you for those wonderful pictures!
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Ilka von Torok írta...

Thanks girls!!! :)
kisses Ilka

Fashion-LadyLovely írta...

Nice Photo's, ,very beautiful!!! :-)

norbface írta...

Party time- party time :P

Paper Ice Cream írta...

I love that quote at the end. It is so true. It goes right along with the notion that if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life.

Ilka von Torok írta...

Thanks paper ice cream you are right!

kisses and Hugs!

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