2010. december 15., szerda

At Home with Justin Thornton & Thea Bregazzi

Home is the person or place you want to return to over and over.

"Running through my life right now
I don't regret a thing
The things I do just make me laugh and make me wanna drink"----->Click:Music


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Andrés Corella írta...

Such a beautiful and inspiring home...that place will surely make me wanna return over and over haha



Courtney Erin írta...

These are amazingly gorgeous images - love them!

xoxo ~ Courtney

anna flores írta...

very nice flat..., I like the subdued colours...,
Regards, Anna

Hope Adela írta...

ohhhh wow what an artistic and beautiful house! i wish i could live there! =)


Bog-Bog írta...

Nagyon jó kis otthon! És az a Eurythmics - Touch lemez nekem is megvan bakeliten! Igazi kincs!
(Államvizsga kipipálva!)

ATW írta...

hi there :) i took a look at your blog & i reeally like it!!! :))
the interior of the house so chilly but so good!
hope you will have a look on my blog as well :)


Ilka von Torok írta...

Thanks Andy Anna Adela and Atw!

kisses and hugs!

Szia Bog-Bog! Na akkor most mar indulhat a blogozas, ha mar tulvagy a dolgon ,remelem jol sikerult....uhhh Eurythmics lemez, fasza!

Bog-Bog írta...

Köszi a biztatást! (A lemezt a vaterán vagy a teszveszen vettem. A többi albumuk csak cd-n van meg, nagy fan vagyok :D)

petras-kunstblog írta...

I could live here very well ! XDXD

Ilka von Torok írta...

I also Petra:)

Savoir Affaire írta...

I think of this as messy elegance! Charming.

mienkintoshfairie írta...

I would love to drape garments and costumes there on a daily basis ^_^. I would even drape in th bathroom, I love it!

Debby írta...

Gorgeous! Love that first photo!! xo


would be great to have a house like this, with as bathroom the one you have posted some weeks ago..

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