2010. november 8., hétfő

Duetto X Series by Claire Streetart

Source :Avengardiste magazine

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Névtelen írta...

Altough i don't understand hungarish ( is it actually?) i truly love every of your posts.
thanks for sharing and greets for the blog!


Polly (kissmolly.tk)

Ilka von Torok írta...

thank you Polly! you are very nice :)

Peter írta...

I recognise Jef Aerosol of course, but the loving couples are new to me. I recognise one address (Cour Saint André...), but not the other ones. Can you tell something more? I'm interested!

Ilka von Torok írta...

I dont Know to much about this artist...but his works are very inspiring!He is a french artist ,but I think you know it.
I saw this pictures on facebook, this is the link:http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/album.php?aid=247233&id=318681882031
if you have facebook account enter in search Avengardiste magazine I have found there!
Avengardiste magazine writes about it I copy for u:"French artist Claire Streetart shows through collages on the walls couples entwined in seductive positions without provocation … Simple shapes, black and white with touches of color, the characters are made from actual photographs of couples who ask for it."
Unfortunately, that's all I know

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