2010. augusztus 23., hétfő

Concrete House II by A-cero Architects

One of the last designs of the architectonic
studio A-cero is a bigger hous placed at the
periphery of Madrid on a lot of 5000 square
meters.A bungalow house seems to be hidden
thanks toconcrete walls and green vegetation.
The building area of 1600 square meters makes
from the house a luxiourous housing above
standard. The interior is painted in decent
shades of grey.The back facade is widely
open towards a garden.As for the space
arrangement, the living room, dining room,
library, office and bedroom are represented.
Surroundings of the house supplement an
elegant garden with a lake.As for the ecology,
several parts of the building are built to
lower the power consumption, for exemple: facade
or roof which are grown over with green vegetation.
Use of solar collectors makes from the house
an energy self-sufficient building.

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